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Anidan group is the only Singapore based clinical trial management company that provides integrated oversight solutions for the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry so safe and efficacious innovations become available in the soonest possible time, in an era when diseases are behaving in a less predictable and more complex manner.

  • Anidan Budget Calculator

    A quick and easy to use tool for clinical trial sites to calculate study budget's profitability.

    Over the years clinical trial sites have had to deal with not really knowing if the study budget for a clinical trial or study they agreed to participate in, is profitable or not. The Anidan Budget Calculator provides clinical trial sites with a handy, accessible and easy to use online study budget tool which can help guide the site when negotiating with sponsors and CROs.

    By entering the actual site cost then the suggested cost sent by the sponsor, the Anidan Budget Calculator (ABC) automatically calculates the cost and provides the percentage of profitability. These budgets are then stored securely and can later be accessed for benchmarking other studies.

    Try it now!

  • Anidan Oversight & Analytics

    Anidan Oversight and Analytics or AOA is Anidan's proprietary cloud-based platform built to specifically optimize the process of quality oversight . In order to efficiently capture in parallel concurrent activities of the Sponsor, CRO and Site as each navigate the stages of conducting and managing a study, AOA was designed to be an alert driven system that forces the study team to re act within a more realistic time frame in order to adjudicate and re-mediate issues or risks as they occur.

  • Impact Based Index

    Oversight of data, process, time and cost results in a high impact based index, indicative of a meaningful collaboration which ultimately benefits the PATIENT.

  • Project Targeted Services

    1. Risk Adverse Project Planning and Management
    2. Risk Tracked Centralized Monitoring
    3. Quality Oversight including traditional QA
    1. Anidan Budget Calculator
    2. Clinical Operations consulting for both pre approval and post approval phase trials and studies
    3. Training
  • Site Targeted Services

    1. Intelligent Feasibility
    2. Naive Site Activation
    3. Accelerated Centralized Study Start Up
    1. Site Quality Management
    2. Dedicated Site Support
    3. Training
  • Ad Hoc Services

    1. Therapeutically Aligned Medical Writing
    2. Biostatistics
    1. Configurable Data Management - Open Source or Traditional (Oracle, Medidata, Inform)
    2. Regulatory Consulting (Asia including China, US and EU)

Latest News

The Next Big Thing - A Quick Recap
The world is changing so quickly these days that it is good to occasionally pause and ask ourselves where we stand now and where we are headed. Technology is advancing each day, but not everyone has been able to ride on the crest of the wave. So, it makes sense to listen to the views of those who are on that wave. This was what a half-day conference Keep It Going: The Next Big Thing held at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel on October 23 was all about.

Old Drugs... New Cures
"One of the biggest factors about staying sustainable is constant innovation. Innovation brings new opportunities. In the last 10 to 15 years, the biopharmaceutical industry has been looking at natural ways of healing as a new direction to develop better medicines," says Dr Jose, the Founder of the Anidan Group. She has experience in the clinical trial and study arena, ranging from phase I to late phase studies.

Recently launched textbook "Global Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Disease: Design, Implementation and Standardization"
Recently launched textbook "Global Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Disease: Design, Implementation and Standardization" edited by Menghis Bairu MD and Michael Weiner MD; includes a chapter on "Human Resource Planning" a collaboration among Dr. Nadina Jose, Lorne Cheeseman and Dr. Stephanie Danadjaja, centering on providing guidance on long term human resource planning for Alzheimer's clinical trials.

Join Us!

Anidan Group is always looking for people to join our company. If you think you have what it takes and are interested in joining an innovative clinical trial management company please send your resume to info@anidangroup.com



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